Department of Orthopaedics & Rehabilitation

Thursday, Jan 22nd

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Work Injury Recovery Center

Description of Services

UI Work Injury Recovery Center (WIRC) is designed to assure speedy access to our orthopaedic physicians with reliable, prompt communications to case managers, insurers, attorneys and employers.

In order to insure that injured workers receive timely and excellent medical care, this dedicated service will offer:

  • Prompt consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon for acute injuries.
  • Specialist consultation, including spine, shoulder, hip/knee, hand and other specialties, for complex cases.
  • Expedited scheduling of necessary imaging and operative procedures, including same day CT and MRI imaging studies.
  • Prompt surgical intervention when needed.
  • Physical medicine and rehabilitation programs for evaluation and treatment.
  • Multi-disciplinary panel of orthopaedic specialists to review complex cases, make treatment recommendations and generate a report. “Complex cases” are those in which the patient has had previous surgery for the injury in question, a history of prolonged failed conservative treatment, or prior consultation/treatment by another orthopaedic surgeon.

Our Orthopaedic Surgery Department has consistently been ranked by U.S. News & World Report in the top ten Orthopaedic Surgery Departments in the country along with such esteemed institutions as the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York, Johns Hopkins University, Duke University, the Cleveland Clinic, and Mayo Clinic. The 2010 rankings list our department as 9th best in the country.

Using the talents and resources of our entire team, we are ready to meet your needs for expert, timely and reliable care for your employees. We understand your goal is both optimal care and minimal lost time from work.